Seasoned travelers from all over the world are now discovering the privilege of staying in a luxury vacation home rental when .visiting ISRAEL

What We Offer

Villa Caesarea offers space, privacy, home comforts a luxury private villa in Caesarea Israel features a swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, exclusive bathroom facilities and air-conditioned bedroom/s.

A villa in Caesarea is a cost-effective holiday option for families with children or a romantic honeymoon for couples.

A villa in Caesarea offers the ultimate experience in luxury living where exposed to the elements, one embraces a sense of total relaxation. Luxury villas can be found in different locations around Israel.

Just chose the pace of your holiday activities and there is guaranteed to be a luxury private villa to ultimately suit these needs.

Villa Caesarea is an exceptional five-bedroom holiday villa In Israel, located in the Hof Carmel area and offering fabulous Beaches/ Golf views.

This site Presents a comprehensive array of Caesarea luxury private villas for travelers seeking the best that Israel has to offer.

  • The luxury of staying in a Caesarea villa will certainly enhance any honeymoon or holiday experience by offering privacy, space, and personalized service. A Caesarea villa is the ultimate pleasures in Israel.
  • Exclusive extras, a private Caesarea villa will certainly exceed all expectation and surpass any star-rated hotel.
  • The luxury of staying in a Caesarea villa is an affordable solution for all travelers and is significantly less than being confined to a room that is part of some impersonal hotel or resort complex.

Take advantage of not having to share facilities in a Caesarea villa and the added incentive of being free to come and go at a leisurely pace.